Drip irrigation
Drip irrigation

The water feasibility project has investigated the requirements for water for two example products – bread and tomato paste and the reports are available in draft.

A comparison has been made between the current global situation and a more localised ‘what if’ situation. The localised situation is applied to two case studies in Oxford (a medium-sized, established city where space is at a premium) and Northstowe, Cambridgeshire (a new town currently under development and construction).

The project has considered the differences in water use of a change from the current global situation to production at a more local scale linked to the amount consumed in Oxford or Northstowe.

The implications for land use changes for growing the crop, the technology needed to manufacture the product and the food-energy-water nexus issues are discussed. Finally the opportunities for water saving measures have been assessed.


The final report for the Water feasibility project is available.